Scratch Lab #6

Name: Yohannes Dagne

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #6

Lab Overview

Write a program in Scratch that will make a sprite move up, down, left, and right. The sprite will draw lines on the screen as it moves. Have the sprite move around wehn you press the arrow buttons and restart when you hit the spacebar.Write a program in scratch in which a sprite, you can choose, changes costumes continually. Create a button, called ‘faster’, that increases the speed at which the sprite changes costume. There should be a variable called speed that is directly controlled by the faster button. Further, create another sprite called ‘slower’ that slows down the speed of the costume changes. Lastly, create another variable called ‘maxSpeed’ which stores the fastest speed reached (careful with your conditional here!).

My Solution

I completed the required tasks that each problem asked me to do.

Prob. 1

Problem 1


  1. What is the difference between and if and and if-else statement?
    • If statements have actions occur "if" something happens. If-slse statements can have an action to occur or not occur.
  2. Is there a simpler way to write the following code? Explain.
    • You can simply have the sprite move 10 steps with the "move 10 steps" command and have nothing ekse there except for the "when green flag is clicked" command.
  3. Which students are described by the following conditional? “if you are not a Senior and you are on the soccer team or you are in band then…”
    • Any student who is not on the band team or who is a Senior that plays soccer.
  4. If the statement from Question 3 is changed as shown below, who else is included in the condition? “if you are not a Senior OR you are on the soccer team or you are in band then…”
    • Now it includes those who are not Seniors or those who play soccer, or those who are in the band.
  5. Write the condition for a number being a multiple of 15.
    • The conditions would be if the two numbers are NOT 1, 3, 5, and 15. Then it can't equal 15.