Scratch Lab #10

Name: Yohannes Dagne

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #10

Lab Overview

You will write a simple calculator that can determine if a number is even or odd. Use the more blocks function within scratch to create a block that calculates the distance between two points. Note, you should access values from a list. One option is to have a list of x-values and another list that stores the y-values. Using your code block from the above question, create a program that allows a user to determine if a polygon is a regular polygon (all sides equal length) by entering the coordinates of the polygon.

My Solution

I completed the required tasks that each problem asked me to do.

Prob. 1

Problem 1


  1. Which data is attached to each clone? That is, what is changed on each clone that allows for the rabbits and foxes to appear/ dissapear?
    • The data attached to each clone is each event and helps us to see exactly what changed in relation to the population of rabbits and foxes.
  2. Are the simulation results the same each time? Why or why not?
    • They are similar for the most part due to the fact that nothing changes with the settings/ This means that it is meant to have the same results all thetime.